This spurious fountain in the Plaza de la Libertad, Burgos capital, in the background on the left Calle de La Puebla, and on the parapet two young lesbians whom I love, but whom I could never kiss their torrija (toast, pussy), much less taste, and even less when I told them, “those jets of water in your cunts would make you two more powerful lesbians,” which is the cause of that hatred they have for me.

This fountain is a symbol of the mental slur thrown from the mouths of the defenders of “Death to Culture” and “Vile Club,” “Wall or Shot in the Neck” to Intellectuals, Writers and Poets; what, here, in Burgos and province, as in all the rest of Spain, thanks to its fratricidal war and the reconquest of the fascist Christ against Freemasonry, Communism, Atheism and the Republic, falsified, adulterated the monuments and the artistic relics that the republicans left degenerating their true origin; as they did in the fascist Christ Reconquest of Spain, in the imperial wars, and in the old and dirty Crusades through sadomasochistic schemes of the entire heavenly court of gods, demigods, against the Moorish.

This fountain with four spouts was originally republican. Only the four pipes that come out of a republican mouth with a tricolor headband and a five-pointed star remain. The rest is a set of Catholic national stone. Here, in those times of hunger and misery after the fratricidal war of robbery, looting, death, the people of Burgos came to remove the fleas or lice that they had from a person or thing, which is why they knew it as “Fuente del Espulgadero” (Fleas Fountain).

But if this cultural aberration is great; monumental was the aberration committed against the Mosque of Cordoba planting a church in the middle as a “bronco stick” just for humiliating and taunting Islam; and the fascist Christ gentlemen and gentlemen feel like gods with their feet in the stirrup and their spurs in their sockets.

And let’s not mention that aberration of imperialist shit: the Palace of Carlos V in the Alhambra in Granada, handcuffs to hold the Moorish king by the wrists; spur attached to the heel of the Moor, to goad him, as a warning and encouragement to others, and not rebel.

Oh, friend. In the end, I can’t help but tell you what a missionary friend told me in Peru, who went on missions through the towns riding on a donkey: “Sacred imperialism, Christ fascism; frank fascism sustained a colossal and fierce combat with Reason, Liberty and Justice. The fascist Christ left Reason, Liberty, and Justice embarrassed and defeated; but then what do those of Reason, Liberty, and Justice do? Any. Because the deluded and hallucinated people follow those pedophile and sadomasochistic priests like sheep, and hypocritical, obscene, liar politicians who base their good only on deceiving the people, who, therefore, believe them, and love them like the craws to their she-donkey.