Addendum to the above document:

The purpose of this report is to provide a postmortem of the undesirable outcome of the project that was titled OPERATION TRIGGERMAN, and to consider what went wrong with said project, so that we may correct course for the same or similar operations in the future.

It ill-behooves us, after all, not to draw some set of lessons from the TRIGGERMAN disaster. We cannot merely lick our wounds as the intelligence war against right-wing subversives heats up within our borders. The first step towards wisdom and insight is to be honest with ourselves concerning the numerous missteps that led to this debacle. Once we discern, in a clear-eyed manner, the extent to which we grandly fouled up, we can be equipped to “right the ship,” and recover, as it were, our proper trajectory.

So convinced were we that our target TRIGGERMAN had been successfully steered into taking action at the facility in question that we overlooked the possibility that perhaps a quite different scenario was about to unfold. In fact, as our agents continued to monitor the facility carefully, expecting to see the TRIGGERMAN make an appearance with his newly purchased tow, we began to receive word that violence had broken out in an entirely different​ ​facility, apparently two hours drive from where our TRIGGERMAN was expected to take his stand.

Law enforcement personnel who were called to the scene of this second facility came across a gruesome sight. Dr.Saul Rubenstein, head of the staff of specialists providing abortion services to women in need, had been felled by a hail of gunfire from an intruder and died from his wounds. When first he stepped out of his Mercedes convertible in the parking lot, he was initially struck in the groin; in great pain, Dr. Rubenstein then staggered back to his car, crying out for help and desperately seeking shelter. The intruder, however, followed him and lit him up with a ruthless hail of bullets at close range. Having been hit in the neck, head, chest, and stomach, the doctor expired within minutes. His luxury vehicle had become his casket; clambering into it had only made him a sitting duck, ripe for butchery, trapped, ironically (or fittingly, given Dr. Rubenstein’s line of work) in much the same manner as a fetus in a womb targeted for termination.

Security film of the incident, to our astonishment and dismay, had seemingly been erased. How had that happened? Such a breach was clearly suggestive of an inside source at the facility assisting in covering up the terrorist act, helping the assailant. Two witnesses, both nurses at the clinic, saw the assault in part, but neither managed to obtain a good look at the shooter. They both report that the shooter was wrapped up in a robe and a headscarf, but neither of the witnesses could determine the gender of said shooter. Both of them scrambled for cover as soon as the first shot rang out; afterwards, they saw an automobile peel away, but they did not catch its license plate number, nor its make or model, only reporting that it was a black sedan, similar to the one driven by our targeted TRIGGERMAN and the “wife” with whom we’d fixed him up.

Once news of this shooting reached us, our agents rushed as one to the TRIGGERMAN’s home. There, they found the black sedan parked out front in the driveway, with the driver side door ajar. A bare foot jutted out of that door, its sole planted firmly on the pavement. Officers yanked the door open, guns drawn, only to find, not the TRIGGERMAN, but his “wife,” that is, the one referred to in the prior account as “our girl.” What’s more, she was dead, victim of an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest. The gun lay in her right hand, clasped tightly, due to the effects of rigor mortis. In the backseat, as if flung away in haste, there sat a long robe and a headscarf, matching the description given by the witnesses of the apparel worn by the shooter, whose gender they could not ascertain. On the dashboard sat a piece of notebook paper, on which was written an apparent suicide note:

Five years ago, I let an abortionist destroy my child. In the time that has elapsed since I consented in my child’s murder, I have found myself ever more conscious of my guilt in having been party to this betrayal of what ought to be the sturdy and decent bond of will between a mother and her offspring. My final act is testament both to my righteous anger over how I was manipulated and my bitter sorrow over how I surrendered, in my shame, to this manipulation. Thus I struck in two directions, both outwardly and inwardly. I could not forgive the men whom I paid to crush my child to death in my womb, nor could I forgive myself for consenting to the shedding of my own child’s blood, the taking of his life while he nestled within my womb, the place where he ought to have been permitted to rest comfortably and grow, free from the cruel violence to which he was subjected at the hands of these murderous men by my consent and connivance.

My child’s blood cried out to me. That blood demanded retributive justice. I became aware of the necessity of carrying out two needful executions. The first was accomplished when I took out the abortionist, Dr. Rubenstein, who killed my child five years ago. The second will be complete when I put down my pen and take up my rifle again, aiming this time at my own suffering heart. May God bless all little ones and punish all who aggress against innocence, as such atrocities are akin to the unforgivable transgression spoken of in Scripture: namely, the sin committed against the Holy Spirit.

Below the handwritten text was a signature, naming the woman referred to in the above passage of this document as “our girl.” Immediately upon coming across this bloody and disconcerting scene, we felt ourselves struck dumb with shock. It was difficult to recognize that our fellow agent was dead, and worse, to contemplate her seeming betrayal of our cause. And was her statement about Rubenstein true? She had led us, and apparently the TRIGGERMAN, to believe that the abortionist who serviced her five years ago worked at the local facility, not this one some hundred miles away…dismayed as we were, we still found it imperative to investigate the area, including the house, to see if any clues could be ascertained relating to this utterly unexpected turn of events. We searched the house, but the TRIGGERMAN was nowhere to be found; he had fled the scene. Three months later, he still remains at large.

Has he managed to defect to another country? Or had he simply slipped into hiding, like Eric Rudolph after the Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta in ’96? If either of these scenarios has played out, then just who ​​has given aid and comfort to TRIGGERMAN? Indeed, the question of possible coordination with other actors is vexing, as so far we have few if any leads on this front. Sobering questions must be considered, among them this: could it be that TRIGGERMAN, whom we were grooming to be the “lone wolf,” and who seemed to be evolving in accord with our designs, might actually have had compatriots, perhaps even a whole network of associates, of whom we were unaware this whole time, since we never even investigated the possibility of our “lone wolf” being so well-connected? Might this network, moreover, be funded by a hostile foreign power? These are questions we must be willing to devote our resources to answering.

What confronts us quite incontrovertibly, however, is that the man we targeted based on intel as a “useful” subject for our purposes has somehow outwitted us. Tracking him down should be our number one priority. He must be captured alive, as he is no value to us dead.

A second matter which confronts us concerns the fate of our agent, the chosen honeypot, whose task it was to sway our TRIGGERMAN towards our prearranged, targeted behavior; behavior which we were almost sure, based on his profile, that he would at some point embrace on his own. Somehow, our target was able to engage in this violence by proxy​​, while managing to escape all consequences of the act. He wound up attacking a different​ ​victim than the one we had in mind for him, whether our agent was a willing party to this course of action, or acted under coercion. He found a motive and means of pinning this crime upon our agent, his “wife.”

Or, dare we again consider the notion, which seems so impossible, that our agent, the honeypot, his “wife,” was in some manner manipulated by the man she was sent to manipulate, that he​ , in fact, converted her​ to his cause?

Evidence is scant either way, so we cannot be sure. Our agents do recall that our honeypot (referred to in the above record as “our girl”) claimed to base her character’s backstory partly upon her own history, and that the abortion she procured in her youth continued to cause her a degree of guilt in her adulthood. These agents also point out that when the honeypot went in for a confession, she refused to allow this exchange to be recorded, chalking the decision up to her still not entirely discarded “old-fashioned scruples.” Might there have occurred a circumstance by which, while she ostensibly “working on” the TRIGGERMAN, that he, knowing her points of weakness, was at the same time “working on” her? Might he even have brought her around to his pro-terrorist perspective when it comes to abortion?

Of course, we do not really know if our honeypot, the TRIGGERMAN’’s “wife,” was the one who carried out the murder of Dr. Saul Rubenstein, or if her fatal wound was truly self-administered, but according to our experts, the handwriting on the note does indeed match the agent’s actual handwriting. She might, of course, have composed the note under duress, but we must admit that such a scenario seems unlikely. Why agree to pen a suicide note if you are already sure that your captor planned to kill you and frame it as a suicide?

Or she might have agreed to take the fall for our TRIGGERMAN and enable his escape, but whatever way we slice it, it seems hard not to conclude that she was ultimately in some way compromised by the very man we set out to compromise.

The exculpatory explanation, which honestly beggars belief, is that TRIGGERMAN murdered her, then successfully forged her handwriting in a phony suicide note, and in so doing, managed to fool all of our agency experts into thinking it was authentic. Or again, might he have had accomplices with greater sophistication and more access to resources than we had previously imagined?

These are vexing and disquieting questions indeed, for now we must somehow attempt to steer the media coverage of this debacle to our advantage. To that end, I suggest that we emphasize that we strongly suspect TRIGGERMAN to have played a significant role in the murder of Dr. Rubenstein. Of course, we must bury all attempts to expose that our agent, now dead and perhaps a traitor to our cause, was in fact an agency-affiliated provocateur. We must insist, through our media assets, that “our girl” be portrayed as a simple woman who came under the cult-like spell of TRIGGERMAN, who (we must repeat and continually reiterate) is still at large and very dangerous​. Given the degree of sway we now enjoy with most major media outlets, this line shouldn’t be terribly difficult to establish. Of course, we will have those who express doubt and present evidence that our line is not only untrue but a mockery of truth, but we shall, as usual, assail such troublemaker dissenters as “conspiracy theorists,” a term we have successfully weaponized in the last few years, even as dissent has grown disturbingly resilient.

It is imperative, then, that we insist that TRIGGERMAN was indeed the driving force behind the murder, while the girl is the latest tragic victim of “Stockholm syndrome” and far right “brainwashing.” Since the “damsel in distress” scenario still holds a lot of appeal to the American public, we might push this angle; perhaps we ought even to suggest that TRIGGERMAN abused our honeypot, in order to further the portrayal of his villainy and make people feel more pity for his “wife.” It would suit our purposes best if she could be shown to be hapless, unintelligent, and pathetically eager to please. Our media assets should immediately get to work crafting this posthumous profile.

Meantime, we have a choice of whether our “murderous pair” (as we shall be sure to call them, while always steadfastly asserting TRIGGERMAN as the mastermind and our traitor honeypot as his smitten hatchet-woman) had perhaps a network helping them, including but not limited to the person or persons at the family-planning facility who arranged for the deletion of the video monitor footage capturing the commission of the murder…of course, if we promote the notion of a wider network of spies/insurgents, we run the risk of being perceived as having been outplayed at own game of surveillance and intelligence collection, which may cause our agency to be viewed as weak and ineffectual in the public eye.

However, we can, I believe, successfully spin this humiliating failure in a manner that causes the public to rally to our side. If, perhaps, Russian ties could be found (and if not found authentically, then simply could simply be “found” after we plant them), then we could position the violent anti-abortion movement as stooges of the Kremlin.

Granted, such an effort may initially seem​ ​far-fetched, but in concert with carefully coordinated exposure of media material detailing the perfidy of the Russian regime and their role in the attempted undermining of our nation (for this, of course, we can draw on Soviet-era paradigms of thought, while subtly implying that nothing has truly changed: that Russia is still ​Russia, and they still​ ​aim to destroy our way of life). Perhaps we could also find a way to imply that TRIGGERMAN found a way to defect to that nation, which will benefit the cause of the current “strategy of geopolitical tension” that we are attempting to craft vis a vis ​Russia and China…

In short, though we are all understandably embarrassed, even distraught, by how badly our TRIGGERMAN project went south, we should nevertheless resist the impulse to hang our heads, for all is not lost. There may yet be ways to squeeze lemonade from this lemon of an operational debacle.


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