The connoisseurs, the smart ones of the big laboratories, neither to affirm nor to deny dare to say that this or that vaccine is the best and wonderful, eager as they are in being each one of them those that take the most benefits from its production and sale.

That they tell us, now, what a vaccine put on time is worth is something great. To see how all the nations of the globe go prying for the exalted laboratories is like seeing a great ass walk to a she-donkey.

Governments of all the powerful nations are made devils to seek and obtain the best of the best; and with very tremendous Brays they terrify other less powerful nations, so that they give up the dream of getting another, and they attack them. Because of the vaccine named COVID, the warlike outcry follows the text of the Lords of War and Oppression.

Out of fear, many have gone to the “other neighborhood,” waiting for life in a vaccine, and others have fled because they have not seen any rabbit, monkey, or dog return to indicate the success achieved by this or that vaccine.

By the way, the unexpected success of these vaccines, we know, is that they are on television. And the people of the plebs rely on this fact, exclaiming: “What is worth a vaccine put on time”; while the hand of that corpse comes out of the box with a loud noise, wanting to celebrate the life or death of that patient or patient whose turn it is.