My friend Dido, who is smarter than Poet, tells me that this figurative monument is worth more than a song. That for him, its meaning clearly is: “Worth the Penis the Trip.”

“That this Pope or cardinal, with his red robe, by his big big nose attracts the innocent boy or girl, while he presses him or her against his cock.”

“Where would I take it? Where will I take it? The boy or girl thinks, looking at that nose where a mucus hangs that he or she only sees.”

By no means do they think about the cock. Innocent, they!

They say to themselves:

“I will not caress that big nose that looks like a prickly pear; besides that I feel fat in my ass that oppresses me; you see. It is as if I put myself on the altar; undress from the waist down, and wipe my poop, which I just did, with his cock.”

With his tender gaze of an outgoing Ass, what does the Pope or Cardinal of the Roman Curia says to the boy or girl:

“I will take you by the whistle or pussy; between my hands, like a straw you will go away. That’s why I’m going to squeeze you a lot and well, very well, and I’ll get the butter out of you, at the same time that I put it in you too.”

The child, as he is very child; the girl, as she is very young, frightened they ask him:

“So, you are the Sacamantecas (fat extractor) that our parents scare us with, right?”

He answers:

“Yes, I am the Fat Extractor by the grace of God.”

The boy and girl, the two newly appeared, sing:

“How do you want us to have you
Or that we are with you
If your nose is nothing but a plaster
Like your cock, we think, figurative.”