Okay, no fuckin’ way…

There’s no way I can shut this thing down and erase access to this guys FB and social media; Larry, sorry man, I am Dr. Frankenstein, I must create, let’s see if I can post pics to your profile, find a good one. Start small; some half-naked girl shit should get some looks and comments. Okay, three is good, these ones are really good, damn, something a little more hardcore for his Twitter, then some added follows and likes, nice, sinister, whatever, insert evil laugh.

Okay, Larry, let’s get you set up with a couple of Instagram accounts and jump down the rabbit hole.

I need to download one of those onion browsers and see if this works. This isn’t too bad, download and install. Oh, come on, what the hell is this, how am I suppose to find anything, fucking black screen shit. Whatever, I need to figure this out, but right now, I will just see if I can stick to what I know and what I have started with Facebook. Or I can go see if this guy is on LinkedIn; yeah, why not, I am sure this guy is a corporate giant. More like asshole, probably.

This onion shit is impossible. I don’t know code and there is like no firkin’ browser, search engine toolbar crap, black screen, stupid shit. I will figure it out, a little more research, I guess; that is what spiders, crawlers, and trackers do: locate pages, I guess. Until I figure out how to find sites or pages, I will post and creep his media, see what happens. Get some friends to follow him and add their own shit too, what the hell.

Oh man, a text from Cameron. Cool, I better take a look.

doppelgänger part 3

I gotta go take a look at the profile.

doppelgänger part 3

Holy crap, this is really messed up. I was just posting some lame basic shit, totally harmless. I need to delete the texts with Cameron and any others I may have made about this shit phone. I gotta to find a way to reset the defaults, erase and burn this thing. I should have gone with my first impulse to ignore the unlocked profile and start fresh; someone never wiped this thing right in the first place, not my problem.

But now it is my problem; if so, someone looks to find who put that shit on line. Delete and retreat. I am done with this and online posting of crap. I guess there are ways to really hurt someone; hard to know when they are real people or a ghost.


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