Car alarm set. Keys zippered into their pocket. Satchel hanging from my hand. My curve-hugging little denim dress tugged into place. Long mouse-brown curls tossed over my shoulder. Eye-catching, deep plum lipstick refreshed and glistening.

Heels clicking across the asphalt, I threw my hands up, steps faltering to a stop as a pick-up truck screeched into the parking lot. It blew past me, backing into a dark spot in the corner. Four huge guys poured out of the battleship grey Ford, laughing and jostling one another.

Naughty grin tipped one corner of my lips upwards. I recognized two of the men. I’d seen them here at the Pit, local dive bar and flea pit, before.

Shortest of the group, but still tall at a shade over six feet, the ebony-haired one motioned the others to follow him. He led them through the rows of cars to the navy blue door with the skull and crossbones on it. His jade green eyes flash in the twilight of the waning summer’s night.

Two younger men, puppies in the big scheme of things, flank him. Their blatant inexperience obvious in the way they hang on his every word. They slid past my defences. Meant nothing to me. New additions to the group, my gaze drifted over them to stop on the one taking up the rear.

Last of the group, an eye-pleasing, panty melting, example of manhood, towered above most men. He would have gotten my attention without being in my rolodex of men to do this week…but I was thrilled he was next on the list.

Deep auburn hair fell to his shoulders. Bold, chestnut eyes widened, a smile lighting his face as his gaze travelled up my full, curvy body. I threw a sashay into my hips and sent him a promising sassy grin.

“Hey baby,” the blonde pup with the backwards ball cap adjusted himself and called after me, “buy you a drink? Slip you my cock?” He elbowed his buddy and tried to give ol’green eyes a high five.

“See you in there, sweetheart.” The ebony-haired leader of their pack winked at me, giving the young pups a slap upside the head as he waved me in ahead of them.

“Thank you, handsome.” I blew him a kiss and patted his chest with one hand and carried on into the bar.

“Why do you look familiar, sweetheart?” His whispered query sat like a lover’s hand on my lower back, clacking heels carrying me across the worn hardwood. His recognition should’ve scared me, but it didn’t. It thrilled me. Exhilarated me. Put a smile on my face as I thought of my to-do list for the week.

I could feel his jade orbs watching my every move as he led his band of merry men to their usual corner booth. I wiggled my ass onto a barstool and caught the bartender’s eye.

Hope you’re not going to be a problem tonight. Superficial smile plastered on my face, I made a show of licking my lips and giving him a once-over before requesting an old-fashioned and a glass of water. I needed to keep my wits about me.

Bartender gave me a creepy, side-eye glance and nodded, deep furrow between his brows. He opened his mouth as he slid two glasses in front of me, one with a slice of lime, the other with candied orange peel.

Mouth flapping, he looked like he wanted to ask me something. I needed to head whatever it was off at the pass.

“You need something, stud?” His eyes widened, then narrowed, at my words. I realized I’d made a mistake and fixed it—hopefully—when I wrapped my fingers around his wrist, stroking his knuckles with my thumb.

Distraction by seduction works every time. I breathed a quiet sigh of relief and contemplated the older, slightly used up, man before me.

“Hey Hank,” a waitress interrupted my train of thought, “haven’t seen Kyle around lately. He all right? Not like him to miss a night of drinking and debauchery.”

I feel Hank’s sigh in my bones. “Naw, Louanne. He left here with that blonde the other night and fell off the face of the earth.” He ran one hand down his weathered face, tears shining in his eyes. “Hell, he hasn’t even called his mama. My sister is losing her mind wondering what happened to him.”

Ah, so you’re the uncle that owns the Pit. Kyle mentioned him to me when we were at his place the other night. Curiosity got the better of me.

“Hasn’t anyone checked his house?” I looked from the waitress to the bartender and back. “Um, I mean, wouldn’t it make sense to check his house out to see if he’s there?”

Hank shrugged, agreeing with me, and wiped the counter down as he confirmed, “We’ve checked his apartment every morning and every night, hoping to find him drinking a beer and scratching his balls while watching porn…but nothing.”

“It made sense to check his apartment. What doesn’t make sense is why he hasn’t been there.” Hank put his hand over mine and kissed my cheek. “Look at you, so sad for my family. Such a sweetheart.”

I wondered whose house Kyle had taken me to when a warm hand fell to the small of my back. Arm dusted with soft red hair rested on the shiny walnut bar.

“Hey Hank. How you doing, man? Any word on Kyle yet?” Deep and smooth, his voice wrapped itself around my pussy and squeezed. He leaned in and pressed a kiss to my temple, humming in disappointment when Hank responded in the negative. “Damn. Give my best to Sally, won’t you? He’s gotta turn up sooner or later.”

Louanne headed out to deliver her tray of drinks and Hank turned to fix my new friend’s order.

“So, gorgeous,” his barely there Scottish brogue made my nipples hard, “can I buy you a drink?”

Eyes closed, I took a deep breath to get myself under control. “No thanks. I’ve got one.”

“How about we get out of here and I show you a good time instead?” Tongue darting out, he licked my ear before nipping just behind it. “I’ve been rock hard since I saw you in the parking lot.” His cock pushed into my side. “I’m Ronan…and you are?”

“Livvie. Nice to meet you.” Thighs slick with desire, I bit back a groan and held my hand out. He kissed my knuckles. It was sweet. I almost felt bad about my plans.


I giggled as he grabbed his order and a kiss before leading me back to the corner booth. And his friends. Hank followed behind us, winking as he set my drinks in front of me.

“Hello again, sweetheart. I’m Jax.” Ronan’s ebony-haired friend shook my hand, smiling as I introduced myself.

I giggled as Ronan’s arms tightened around me like ribbons. He chugged his beer while I gulped my drink. Standing, he turned to Jax with a grin.

“And, no, Jax. I don’t need any help tonight.” The group of them laughed, high-fives all around. “Oh, by the way, find your own way home.”

“You sure about that, Ro? Kyle and Nelson said the same thing and we haven’t heard from either of them in days.” Jax’s eyes slid over to mine. “Not since they left the Pit with a beautiful woman on their arm.” He took a long sip of his whiskey, neat.

“Just. Like. You.” Eyebrow raised, he issued a challenge. One I had to ignore, along with the clenching nerves in my belly.

“Yeah, Ronan. You should definitely be afraid of me sucking your soul out the end of your cock tonight.” I rolled my eyes and prayed I’d done a decent acting job.

Must have worked. Ronan threw me over his shoulder in a fireman carry and growled, “Let’s get right on that!” And stormed out of the bar to the cheers and jeers of his friends.

I looked back at the booth as we moved towards the door. Jax watched me with rapt attention, eyes narrowed. I gulped, reminding myself of my rolodex of names and what it meant.

Wouldn’t do to lose track of that.


Half-hour later, just outside town, Ronan turned his truck up a driveway lined with ancient oak trees towering above us. Full moon peeked through the thick canopy. It was cool and a bit creepy. And absolutely perfect.

“Is this your place?” Wonder and awe bled through my simple words. “It’s gorgeous.”

He ran his hand up my thigh, squeezing when I opened myself to him. His chuckle turned into a groan when he brushed my bare pussy.

“My grandparents’ place. I live above the garage.” My nipples ached at the wicked gleam in his eyes. “They’re in Arizona, visiting my aunt and uncle.”

“Oh, thank God. Wouldn’t want to scare them when I start screaming your name.” I shifted my hips as we pulled up in front of the house. He slipped one finger between my nether lips, then popped it into his mouth.

“You’re fucking delicious, Livvie.” His words sent a shiver of arousal through me. I was going to enjoy this. So much.

He threw it in park and hopped out, running around the truck to open my door and throw me over his shoulder again. He raced to the garage behind the house.

I didn’t waste any time in getting my hands under his shirt. Fingers caressed his back, then skated around to tweak his nipples. I whimpered as he growled out his pleasure.

“You like that, stud?” I nudged his rock-hard bulge with my toe and pinched them again. His cock twitched against my foot. “Oh…you DO like that.”

He ran his hand under my skirt and swore. “Fuck, Liv. You’re soaked.” His bedroom door bounced off the wall as he tossed me onto the bed. “And your pussy is mine now, gorgeous.”

Hands around my ankles, he pulled me to him and pushed my feet over his shoulders, licking me, back to front. My heels dug into his back as his hands skimmed up my body to palm my tits. His rough touch had my back arching off the bed, slamming my pussy into his mouth.

My orgasm barrelled into me. No warning. No preamble. Just blinding ecstasy. He came up for air, my juices dripping from his chin. Pupils dilated with desire.

“Holy fuck. That was amazing.” His Adam’s apple bobbed.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet, lover.” I slammed my lips to his, bruising and wild. Hands on his shoulders I flipped us over, straddling his chest. “Put your head on the pillow.”

Slow, wicked grin curved my lips upward as I crawled down his body. Fingers flew as I unbuckled his belt, unzipped his jeans and pulled them down, tossing them into the corner.

I dragged the spaghetti straps of my dress down my arms, one at a time, and pushed my dress down my curves. Like a well-run sports car, it hugged each curve as it led into the next.

Ronan watched me, his eyes taking in the small tattoo, a purple infinity heart for my sister, between my breasts. He moved to get up.

I wagged a finger at him and spun into the open closet, returning moments later with a handful of silk ties. Tongue licking at his lips, I kissed him, then straddled his face.

Pussy dripping into his open mouth, I lowered myself and trapped his hand in a tie, securing it to the cast iron headboard. I finished fastening him to the cast iron headboard then, head back, rubbed myself over his mouth. My fingers pinched my nipples as another wave of pleasure washed over me.

“Fuck. Unnh.” Legs like Jell-O, I slid my drenched cunt down his chest, bending to kiss him. “I love tasting myself on your lips, Ro.”

Breathing heavy, he pulsed his hips up into my core. He slipped into my cunt, groaning as my silken walls clamped down on his shaft. I laughed at his string of curses when I pulled off of him and grabbed two more ties.

Feet secured to the footboard, he was at my mercy. Excitement hummed through me.

“You ready to have some fun, lover?” He shuddered beneath me, cock bobbing against his belly. I threw one leg over his, caging him in, and pressed my pussy into his flushed thigh.

Spit dribbled onto his cock. I spread it down his length, one hand stroking him and the other rolling his hard, hot balls through my fingers. Eyes on his, I rolled my hips, clit throbbing as it swelled, rubbing against his soft thigh.

“Ride me. Please.” Ronan pulled at his restraints, begging for me to sink my cunt down over his cock. “Please, Livvie.”

Moaning and mewling, I rolled my pussy over his leg, juices coating his muscular thigh. I slid down his leg until my pussy lips molded to his kneecap. Bent over, I licked up the underside of his dick and pulled it into my mouth, sucking him to the back of my throat.

Strangled cry tore out of me as I came all over him, his own grunt echoing around the room. One last lick and I crawled up his body, quivering under me like a string ready to snap.

His cock notched at my soaked core. I licked my hand and stroked his length as I slid down it.

“Oh fuck.” He was balls deep. I flicked my clit. My inner walls clamped down on him. I knew what he wanted, this dirty, sexy boy.

My hands slid up his chest, pumping myself slowly up and down his dick. I wrapped my fingers around his neck and he whimpered, begging me for more.

“You want me to choke you, Ro?” Pads of my thumbs caressed his neck, his pulse thumping against my skin.

“Yes.” One tiny, breathless word was his last. He started moaning and cursing, lifting his hips up to meet me.

I squeezed his neck, my thumbs pressing into his windpipe. His hips pulsed faster, reaching for his release.

My belly clenched with pleasure, pussy pulsed. Tension wrapped itself around my hips. My legs shuddered with the effort. Vision clouded and I pushed down.

Ronan’s eyes bugged out, tears seeping out the corners. He croaked out sounds and struggled to breathe.

“This is for Julia Sherman.” Confusion and fear stared back at me as I continued to ride his cock. “Young and innocent. Barely out of school. Long dark hair. Bright, lively eyes. Sweet. Friendly. Curvy.”

Trickle of blood ran down his neck where my thumbnail pierced the tender skin. My orgasm snuck up on me and I screamed as it slammed into me.

But I didn’t let up on his neck. Didn’t release the pressure slowly stealing his breath away.

I looked up at him from hooded eyes, chest heaving as I came down from my release. Venomous. Mean. Nasty. All the things I hid when I was home rushed to the surface, eager to flow from the tip of my tongue.

“My sweet baby sister. Light in my father’s eyes. Life force of our family.” Pussy squelching, I dragged myself off of his dick. “You took her from us. May you rot in Hell for what you have done.”

His windpipe collapsed under my thumbs. Eyes widening, he let out a gasp and groan, cock slapping my ass as he shot his final load while a death rattle whispered from his mouth.

I stared into his vacant eyes, a satisfied grin on my face, and climbed off his inert body. I leaned over and kissed his still warm lips.

“Thank you, Ronan. I wish we could have had more nights like this.” My denim dress slid up over my hips, shoes hugged my feet and I grabbed my purse.

My grandmother’s voice rang in my head, say your goodbyes and lay him to rest, as I made the sign of the cross and pulled the bedroom door closed behind me.

Phone in hand, I wandered down the driveway, heading towards town and the gas station five minutes and three turns down the road.

“Hello, Ivy?” I breathed a sigh of relief I had service to order a Lyft and call home. “How was she tonight?”

Julia’s caregiver gave me an update. I could hear familiar noises in the background and sent up a wish that one day soon Julia’s voice would join them.

“Great. Thanks, Ivy. I’ll be home in a little while to relieve you.” We made some small talk and I hung up as I approached the well-lit gas station.

I slipped into the attached diner and ordered a coffee, enjoying the small talk with the waitress until my ride arrived.

“Y’all walk here, hun?” Waitress snapped her gum, bright yellow hair piled on her head and blue polyester uniform busting at the seams. I nodded.

“I did, yes. Had a disagreement with my fiancé. Asshole dropped me off about half-mile down the road.” Quick breath rippled my strong, hot coffee. Hissed a breath as I sipped it, humming at the bitter after taste.

“That was a dick move,” the older woman shook her head. “How you getting home, hun?”

“Waiting for a Lyft…” I quickly read her name tag. “…Tanya. Be asleep in my own bed in an hour.” I looked up at the triple honk trademark of Lyft drivers. “There’s Danny now. Gotta go.”

She waved off my money and wished me good luck, missing the fiver I dropped onto the table behind her back.

“Thanks, Tanya. For the coffee and the company.” I gave her a squeeze and slipped out into the night, waving as I settled into the backseat of my ride back to the safety of my family.

Should’ve known trouble would follow me home sooner or later.


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