On a fine day at my Southeast Portland house, I put on my bright white swimsuit and went out to my pool and imagined myself Julie* Adams in The Creature from the Black Lagoon. If I may be immodest, I do believe that I somewhat resemble the late star actress. My fantasy was enhanced by a giant amphibian creature that resembled the infamous Gill Man lounging by the pool. What made no sense at all was the mermaid that was already in the pool. The monster saw my confusion and fright and pulled me from the pool before the mermaid could harm me.

What they did next caused me to shudder with delight and fear simultaneously. The monster pulled me to him and the mermaid attached herself to my back. The monster and I did the usual things that male and female do together, while the mermaid did what she could with hands, tongue, and skin. The experience was the best, but I was puzzled.

“Hey, Night Monster, your Gill Man costume is the best and I love the new role play. We will definitely put it in rotation, but what’s up with your amphibian partner?”

“You always say you like surprises, Sheryl. Meet my sister, Night Angel.” I turned to see that Night Angel’s tail had been discarded and that she now looked like a more-or-less normal human woman. Well, a spectacularly-built normal woman with scales over much of her body, the same as Monster.

“Hi, Sheryl. You can call me Angie if you want.”

We spent the rest of the night in carnal delights. In case you think that we are some kind of kinky weirdos, there was nothing but incidental contact between the brother and sister. Out of the spirit of fair play, I did everything I could to return the orgasms to Night Angel that she had given to me. As usual, Night Monster exhausted me beyond the ability of mortal man. I will be seeing more of those two. Before that night, my experience of Good Demons, the mystery creatures that only exist at night and work at delivering mind-blowing sex to humans, was Night Monster. This is definitely a case of more is better. Are there more Good Demons?

I surprised myself the next day when I started singing “Bring Me a Higher Love.” My mind must be doing some unconscious processing.


* Born Betty May, started career as Julia, but preferred Julie.