Jax stood over my terrified sister, laughing and taunting her. “I’ve been looking for you, Rosie. Thinking about you, too.”

He grabbed his crotch and thrust his hips towards her. Lewd. Crude. I expected nothing less from him.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Infuriated, I yanked his arm. “Leave her the fuck alone, asshole.”

He spun around, shaking off my hand and lunging towards me. Scared, but holding my ground, I refused to show how off-balance I felt.

“Or what, Sam? No, wait,” his lips curled back in a grotesque smile as he snapped his fingers in my face, “it’s Livvie, right?”

Disgusted, I swiped spittle off my cheek and wiped it on the sleeve of his black V-neck tee. Anger flashing in my eyes, I poked at his chest with a snarl.

“Neither. It’s get the fuck out of my house. You can leave now.” He laughed in my face. I slapped his.

Narrowed. Venomous. His eyes darkened in anger. Jax reared back, his hand stopping inches from striking my cheek.

“I won’t stop next time, bitch.” Thinking he had me under control, he smirked and turned back to Julia. “Quiet now, Rosie. I won’t hurt you.”

He crouched down beside her. She shrank back from the hand he placed on her hair. “Don’t be like that, Rosie. We had fun, didn’t we?”

She whimpered, body quaking from the sobs she suppressed as she cowered in a heap in front of the window. Ivy dropped to the floor and wrapped her arms around Julia.

“Don’t call me Rosie.” Hatred shone in the terrified glance she shot him. “That’s why I hate that dress. Hate roses. Hate them.” She buried her face in Ivy’s shoulder and clung to the comfort she needed.

“Get the hell away from her. Leave her alone.” She pressed a kiss to her love’s head and cradled her close, rocking her to comfort them both. Ivy’s lip curled up as she asked him, “Haven’t you done enough?”

Disgust flitted across his face. “Nah, doll, I haven’t even gotten started yet.” Hands on his knees, he swivelled and stood in one motion.

“But you, Sam.” He shook his finger at me. “You’ve been a busy little,” his eyes dropped to my barely covered pussy and back to my face, “beaver, haven’t you?”

I ignored the scrutinizing look Ivy shot me, instead schooling an innocent look on my face and meeting Jax head on.

“Busy? I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about, Jax.” I knew what he meant. But I wasn’t ready to share any of that with Ivy and Julia. Not yet. Maybe never. He nodded, taking it all in stride.

“Memory’s a funny thing.” He paced the room, picking up knickknacks and looking at Julia’s shelves. At well over six feet tall, Jax filled the room.

“Like I seem to recall a tall, curvy blonde leaving the Pit with my buddy Kyle last week.” Jax tossed a snow globe of Washington, D.C. between his hands, the White House lost in a contained ice blue snowstorm. “We knew why he went after her. She was a walking wet dream.”

Hands miming a voluptuous female form, he continued, “Huge tits. Bubble ass. Fuck.” Lewd, he put his hands at hip height and dry humped an imaginary woman. “She had a body made for fucking.”

Ivy growled at him. Julia cowered into her arms. He ignored them. Focused on me. Eyes narrowed, lips curled into a snarl, Jax moved towards me.

I stood my ground. Impassive. Refused to be cowed by his nastiness. His steps faltered at the confident lift of my chin. The steely determination in my eyes brought him up short, mere inches from me.

Julia sobbed, my name an incoherent chant as she shook her head, trembling in Ivy’s arms. Ivy watched, keeping a close eye on us both, ready to jump to my defence.

“I’m okay, Jules.” I sent my broken sister what I hoped was a reassuring look. “Pinky promise.”

Jax shook his head, licking his lips as he looked me up and down.

“Then, a couple of days later, some redhead showed up at the bar.” He looked me up and down. “Another foxy babe. I would’ve fucked her in a heartbeat.” Jax snorted, one hand skating down my side to rest on my hip. “She didn’t want me, though. She went home with Nelson instead.”

He grasped my hip, tugging me against him. I pushed on his chest. He held me fast.

“Then, tonight, we crossed paths with a stacked brunette on our way through the parking lot at the Pit. And I mean, stacked.” Jax, testing my limits, palmed my tit, rubbing his thumb over my nipple. “I got hard looking at her. Wanted to grab her and throw her over the hood of a car and fuck her.”

He squeezed my boob, and my traitorous fucking pussy gushed. My arousal dripped down my thighs. Not gonna lie; he knew what he was doing, and he was doing it well.

Then Julia’s crying broke through my lusty fog, and I grinned at him. Murderous and evil. He kept stroking me. Then I laughed.

“She would never have fucked you, Jax.” He reached under my skirt and pushed two fingers into my dripping cunt.

“You sure about that, Sam? She’s feeling pretty worked up right now.” He finger-fucked me. And I let him.

“Who did she go home with, Jax?” My shoulders shook with the mocking laughing that bubbled up inside of me. “Not you, if I recall.”

His mean streak showed itself when he squeezed my pussy, pain from his nails digging into the soft flesh shooting through my womb.

“No. She didn’t go home with me. But whose fingers are buried in her snatch now? Hmmm?” He closed his eyes, regained control of himself, and opened them with a smirk.

“Did you hear the tragic news, Sam?” So close his breath made my nose wrinkle in distaste. “About Kyle and Nelson?”

He searched my face for a sign, any sign, of guilt. Tried to rattle me with the intensity of his stare. While he wiggled and thrust his fingers inside me.

Fuck, he was good at that.

“No, I think the cops showed up after you were already off with Ronan.“ He waited for a moment. Then two. “I should stop off to see him next. He’ll want to hear the news, too.”

Jax’s eyes flared in triumph. I tried not to, but I flinched when he mentioned going to see Ronan. One corner of his mouth turned up in jubilation as his fingers squelched out of me. He pointed them in my face, my juices dripping down his hand, nodding.

“There it is.” Barely audible, Ivy and Julia were ignorant of our conversation. Jax breathed, “Your tell.”

He spun on his heel and meandered over to the window, licked his fingers clean, then headed back to me again. Postulating on recent events.

“Kyle, Nelson, Ronan, and I met in Cub Scouts. Did you know that, Sam? Known each other for years.” He smiled at some remembered moment, his eyes snapping to mine. “The group of us shared so many memories, we sometimes forgot where one of us ended and the rest of us began.”

I smoothed my denim skirt down. The same skirt Ronan pushed his way beneath earlier. Tilt of my head. Small, secretive smile. I pushed back.

“But you were the ringleader, weren’t you, Jax? When you had a ring to lead, anyway.” One step at a time. One foot in front of the other.

I advanced. He retreated. Until his legs hit Julia’s desk.

I spared a glance at my sister and future sister-in-law, reassured them with a look, and pressed on.

“I bet you all shared much more than memories, didn’t you? Like trucks. You were driving Ronan’s truck when you got to the Pit tonight. What else do you share? Women?” At my full height, no heels, I stood five foot nine. Tall for a woman. Intimidated some men, but I used it to my advantage now.

“I. See. You. Jax.” I poked his chest. “See you for the bully and coward you are.” I laughed in his shocked face and smoothed out the chest of his tee. He seethed. Infuriated. Giggling, I shook my head at the fire in his eyes.

It hid behind his fear. Of me. My giggle turned into a smug leer.

Hands braced on Julia’s antique mahogany desk, he licked his lips before pushing himself to his full height. He towered over me. Chest puffed out. Chin held high. Posturing to intimidate.

But I’d seen him for the tyrannical milksop he was, hiding behind the gym shorts of the bigger, tougher, sexier men he called friends.

I wonder what they called him.

There was no warmth between Jax and his friends. No humour. No camaraderie. Nothing between them but contempt, not very well hidden beneath the jocular surface.

I shook my head at him. My derisive chuckle washed over us as I looked up at him, patting his chest. An amused, ‘there, there,’ implied.

“I might be a bully, but I’m no coward.” He threw my hand off of him and leaned over me. “Laugh at me again and see what I’m capable of.”

Pink tongue dipped out to lick my lips. Teeth bit my bottom lip, suppressing a laugh. I glanced at the clock, then into his eyes.

“Wouldn’t dream of pushing you like that, Jax. I mean, not without your boys here to do your dirty work for you.” Head cocked, I mocked him some more. “They’re not here to rape me in front of you, so you can actually get it up.”

I stepped back, dismissing him. “You’re so damn pathetic you have to watch a woman get brutalized to get your cock hard. Such a big, strong man.” I ridiculed him and turned away, rolling my eyes at him. He grabbed my arm, pulling me into his chest.

“This is going to get ugly soon.” He pressed his semi-hard cock into me, breath ragged, then bruised my lips in a savage kiss. His dick twitched, growing slowly.

I leaned into him, grinning into his lips. Fingernails dug into his sensitive sides. He grunted, blood seeping through the soft cotton.

“Fuck! That hurts.” He tried to shove me off of him, but my claws were in deep. “You cunt.”

“Get the fuck off of me!” His roar echoed around the room. Hands on my shoulders, he pushed me back. I pulled my nails from him, crimson dripping on the grey carpet. We stared at my fingers, coated in blood.

Alarmed, Jax grabbed his side and screamed, “What have you done?”

I smiled, then frowned. Elation at the final stage of my plan coming together, shattered by the faint cries from down the hall.

Anxious cries.

Hungry cries.

Baby cries.

I looked at the door. My heart ached with the need to go to her as her cries reached a fevered pitch.

Eyes narrowed, Jax looked from me to the door and, before I could stop him, he tore it open and sprinted down the hall.

“Noooo!” I bolted after him, panic and fear squeezing my heart. “Don’t go in there.” He barged into the room without a backward glance at me.

Fear constricted my throat, keeping me from calling out. I ran into the room, stopping dead at the sight of Jax leaning over the walnut crib in the corner.

Jax stared down into the crib, a purple cotton blanket twisted in his hands. Pink fleece-covered feet kicked angrily as a loud wail rang through the room.

“Hey there, Princess. That’s a big scream from a tiny thing.” He ran one finger down her cheek. I cringed as she turned, looking for the nipple to ease her hunger. “No one looking after you, hmm?”

Soft and sweet, his voice belied the words he threw over his shoulder at her.

“This your baby, you fucking slut? You left her here to go off with Kyle, then Nelson, and, tonight, Ronan.” He looked up at me, disgusted. “What kind of mother are you? Out whoring your tits and pussy out to whoever happens along.”

The irony of his words weighed against his fingers in my pussy didn’t escape me.

An overwhelming need to hold her close changed the way I spoke to him. Gutsy and defiant Sam moved aside so maternal and protective Sam could shine through.

“She needs to nurse, Jax. I have to feed her.” Elbow out, I pushed past him to pick up my daughter, feeling his scrutiny as I shushed her against my shoulder. “And change her.”

“How old is she?” Still enthralled with the baby I cradled in my arms, Jax asked the question that unravelled my world.

“She’s almost four months.” I had to restart my heart as he processed that information, his glance running the length of the baby, then to my face. Mouth set. Eyes narrowed, I could see him thinking things through.

God, please. Please. He cant figure this out. He cant. Fervent prayers ran through my mind. Unanswered prayers, as usual.

Tiny body wracked with sobs. She shoved one fist into her mouth. Her bright eyes reprimanded me.

“I know, little one. I’m sorry for the delay, but I’m here now.” Quiet hum of the zipper opened her sleeper, diaper and cream at hand. “Let’s get you all cleaned up, yeah?”

Love for this sweet soul reminded me of what I’d already done and still had to do. “There you go. No more ickies, baby girl.”

Her head cradled in my fingers. I lifted her into my arms, sighing in contentment. She always brought me back to myself.

Sobs turned to hiccoughs. Hiccoughs settled into snuffles. Snuffles rooted into my shoulder, searching for the answer to her upset.

I kissed her forehead and settled into the rocking chair. Buttons over my bosom undone, I pulled out my boob and offered it to her. She grunted and latched on, drinking from my breast.

I love you. So glad I figured out how to nurse you. Love washed over me. This wee girl was my life.

“Holy shit.” My eyes shot to Jax’s face. His gaze trained on the baby. I looked down at my sweet girl, heart in my throat. Her jade-green eyes locked on Jax’ matching set. “She’s mine.”

He stroked her head as she slurped down my milk. Reverent. Entranced. Besotted.

“What’s her name?” One hand cupped the back of the baby’s head, his thumb stroking her soft ebony hair.

“Jenna. This is Jenna.” I blinked back tears. My sense of right and wrong skewed as I saw how tenderly he held her. “Named her after my twin sister, who died as a child.”

We sat in silence. The monstrous brute, the woman who hated him and the child who pulled us together.

Set of Jax’s shoulders changed. Tensed. He nodded and looked up at me, cold and calculating.

“You’ll live with me until she’s weaned. Then you’ll fuck off. And she’ll be mine.” His eyes narrowed, a lascivious grin on his face. “Think of all the fun we’ll have while you’re there. You might even want to stay.” He leaned down, the brute tucked away while he placed a loving kiss on his daughter’s head.

I sat still, like a deer caught in his crosshairs. Jax pulled my other breast out, milk beading at the nipple, and wrapped his lips around it. His appreciative moan rubbed my clit.

“So sweet. No wonder she was eager for it.” Another drink and he bit me lightly. I swallowed. Hard. I hated how my body responded to him.

Our eyes met. Mine determined to thwart his plans. His informing me he wouldn’t allow me to.

“We’re not going anywhere, Jax.” Jaw set, I switched Jenna to my other breast. “This is our home.”

Cruel and brutal, he grabbed my tit and squeezed. Twisting it as he ground out, “Her home is with me. I’m her father.”

“No. You’re the fucking monster who raped me.” A gunshot echoed around the room, Julia’s words a buffer between the shock and relief it brought.

Jax stiffened, surprise etched into the lines on his face. His hand dropped from my breast. He wobbled. I lifted one foot and kicked him. He toppled to the left. My eyes strayed to the door on the right.

Julia looked more alive than she had in over a year as she lowered Daddy’s .357 Magnum, dropping it to the floor. Smoke from its muzzle curled around her ankles.

She walked to the body beside the rocking chair, spit on it, and gave it a little kick.

“She’s not going anywhere.” Clear-eyed and sure, Julia nodded at me. “Pinky promise, Sam.”

I nodded to her, put the baby on my shoulder and tucked my breasts away. Jenna snuggled down in the crib, bright blue cotton throw over her. I stroked her head.

Julia stood beside me, looking down at the product of her brutalization, then up at me.

“I’m free.” She clung to my hand. “Thanks to you, Sam.”


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